Upcoming Workshops

Introduction to Ayurveda

When: Saturday, September 23rd 3:30-5:00
Cost: $20

Join us as we learn how to create harmony in your life by diving into the ancient science of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Alex Maurer, will share knowledge and tips to create balance for your body's specific constitution.

Ayurveda is the ancient sister since of Yoga. It's based on creating harmony within your mind and body through lifestyle and diet. 

In this workshop we'll dive into understanding your body's specific constitution (dosha). We'll discuss what Ayurveda says you need to keep you in balance through lifestyle and diet. Then, we'll explore how to establish a proper daily routine and rhythm for your constitution. 

For questions or registration please email your name and phone number to Sanghaspringfield@gmail.com OR sign into your MindBody app and register there! 

Yin Yoga Workshop

Yin Yoga Workshop-2.jpg

When: September 30th 12:30-3:30

Cost: $30

Join Kelly Schrader on September 30th for an informative workshop on Yin Yoga. 

Yin combines Taoist Yoga with western scientific and ancient Indian & Chinese energy maps of the body to gain a deeper understanding of how and why Yin Yoga works. This slow paced style of yoga holds asanas (poses) for longer periods of time, allowing you to target the connective tissue, or fascia, as well as ligaments, bones, and joints of the body that normally are not exercised in a more active practice. 

Within the workshop we'll discuss

1. Modern Meridian Theory

2. Chinese 5 Elements

3. Yin & Yang

4. Ways to sequence a Yin Yoga Class

We will do a short 45-60 min Yin practice followed by an extra long savasana.

Please register for this workshop on MindBody or by emailing Sanghaspringfield@gmail.com

Valentine Leonard presents.jpg

Even the Breath: A Writing Workshop

When: November 4th, 1-4PM

Cost: $30/prepay :: $35/at the door

Join Valentine Leonard, a Kundalini yoga teacher from France, as she tours America for her upcoming book, Even the Breath. Within this workshop Valentine will provide prompts to encourage writers to get creative and in touch with their inner self.


Yoga Retreat

When: November 11, 10AM-7:30PM

Cost: $95 early bird registration/ $115 registration after October 31

Nourish, move, and be in nature with us this Saturday, November 11! Join Sangha for its first ever Fall Yoga Retreat in Bois D'arc, Missouri at a scenic lake-view lodge. Enjoy a full day of a variety of yoga classes, a nutritious farm-to-table lunch, followed by time in nature and a savasana gong bath. This one-day retreat will leave you feeling nourished from the inside out. Join us afterwards for a bonfire to celebrate our yoga community!





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