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Restorative Yoga & Pranayama with Garrell Herndon

"Asana for health. Pranayama for longevity."
-BKS Iyengar

In today's busy lifestyle, we often forget to slow down and just breath. In this workshop we will do a series of resting (restorative) poses. Followed by pranayama breathing techniques. We will do reclining as well as a seated breathing practice. Yogis believe that this brings more oxygen to the blood and hence the brain. In more modern times osteopathic physicians believed that the breath serves to move the cerebral spinal fluid throughout that system. The circulation of energy that happens as a result of the practice, can bring about calmness and clarity, as well as promote a long healthy life. Which we could all use a little more of, right?

$35 for Sangha members
$40 for non-members

Please sign up ahead of time as spaces are limited! 
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email: sanghastudiospringfield@gmail.com

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Mindful Montessori at Home with Julie Gill

A workshop for parents to learn how to incorporate mindful Montessori activities into your home environment and routine.

We’ll start with a brief centering as a group, using gentle yoga, meditation, and body awareness. From there you'll learn a basic overview of Montessori philosophy and then delve into ways to create Montessori learning materials out of everyday items. Bring in any odds n’ ends you have lying around the house [tissue boxes, toilet paper rolls, marbles, etc.] and we’ll craft them into purposeful materials for your child.
We’ll also discuss how to arrange the different areas in your house in order to provide your child with the tools for independence and help them develop their concentration, coordination, and sense of order.

About the workshop facilitator :
Julie Gill is a part-time Montessori educator, part-time yoga instructor, and full-time mom.
By studying and practicing child-centered education alongside her personal yoga and meditation practice, Julie works to understand her own limiting thought patterns and how to best facilitate positive pattern development in children (and herself).
Julie is fascinated by a child’s growth in the first six years of life. Now more than ever she believes in the importance of supporting children through this tumultuous and exciting plane of development.

Cost of workshop $20 early bird (until 11/2)
Day of is $30

To register:
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email: sanghastudiospringfield@gmail.com

a new space on a historic street 

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Sangha (Sang-ah) is the Sanskrit word for community. We aim to establish a safe space for individuals and the community to grow mindfully together through the practice of Yoga, Ayurveda, and conscientious buying.  


How do we do that? 

We offer safe, thoughtful yoga classes for the beginner and seasoned yogi. Because we have a number of classes to choose from, we know you'll find a teacher who speaks to you. In addition to classes, we offer childcare.

Dive into India's 5,000-year-old medicine through workshops and personal consultations. Learn how to balance your life with this preventative medicine. 

At Sangha, we strive to connect the community by supporting local artists, farmers and companies. We believe if you're going to invest your money in something, it's important to be mindful about it. When we're not able to source our merchandise from our area, we make sure the companies we support share our love for awareness, sustainability and community growth.


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