What's happening?


Ravi Singh at Sangha

Shine like the sun with
Kundalini Yoga's dynamic
blend of breathing, movement,
stretching, and inner uplift.
Let’s entrain ourselves with the
rhythms and flow of the
Universe and raise our
trajectory for optimal
outcomes! We’ll also have a
great workout and practice
awesome techniques to heal
ourselves in the exact ways we
need to be healed.

Date: April 7, 10:30-12:30

Cost: $40

a new space on a historic street 

Photo taken by Cindy Grace of Imaginational

Sangha (Sang-ah) is the Sanskrit word for community. We aim to establish a safe space for individuals and the community to grow mindfully together through the practice of Yoga, Ayurveda, and conscientious buying.  


How do we do that? 

We offer safe, thoughtful yoga classes for the beginner and seasoned yogi. Because we have a number of classes to choose from, we know you'll find a teacher who speaks to you. In addition to classes, we offer childcare.

Dive into India's 5,000-year-old medicine through workshops and personal consultations. Learn how to balance your life with this preventative medicine. 

At Sangha, we strive to connect the community by supporting local artists, farmers and companies. We believe if you're going to invest your money in something, it's important to be mindful about it. When we're not able to source our merchandise from our area, we make sure the companies we support share our love for awareness, sustainability and community growth.


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215 W. Commercial Street