We offer a variety of classes and we hope you're able to find one you love! Here's some descriptions to help you choose your next class.


Open Level:

Geared toward beginners and returning yogis. Modifications will be given for whatever your experience.

Level 1:

No yoga experience? No problem! In our level 1 classes we will offer ample modifications, props, and instruction to support and empower you wherever you are at on your yoga journey.  

Level 2:

Here we’ll provide you with a little more movement and heat. You can expect these classes to deepen your asana and meditation practice.


Baby +1: Nurture your baby while caring for yourself. This class invites babies and their caregivers to bond through loving touch and movement. This class will be aimed for postpartum and newborn needs, but all family dynamics are welcome. Let baby in on the yoga action physically, mentally and spiritually to build a strong bond of trust and security while also soothing aches, pains and promote healthy healing. You will find a warm, supportive community, all levels welcome. Level 1. 

Basics: Whether you're a new student to yoga or just interested in going back to the basics, this class is for you. Inspired by Hatha and Iyengar roots, here, we take a little more time to break down the poses and make sure you're extra comfortable. Level 1.

Candlelight Flow: This evening class will provide you with gentle movement and breathwork to prepare you for a restful sleep. Surrounded by candles, we’ll flow with ease as we unwind from the movement of the day. Open level.

Deep Stretch: Get in touch with muscle groups not typically focused on in other classes. Traditionally called “Yin”, in this class seated poses can be held for 3-5 minutes. This deep stretch class is great for all levels. Open level.

Happy Hour Flow: This light-hearted vinyasa style class is designed to add a little more  fun into your week. Upbeat music paired with creative sequencing will leave you feeling energized and smiling. And the best part is that drop-ins are only $7! Open Level

Hatha: This traditional practice will guide you through seated and standing postures. Emphasis will be placed on breathwork and meditation. Open level.

Kundalini: This class combines breathing techniques, dynamic movement, mantra, rhythm and sound to work on all levels of our being. Teaching you the art of relaxation, self healing, and elevation. You will leave feeling spiritually open and connected to yourself and those around you. This class is for all levels, beginners welcome- open level.

Prenatal: Here, we’ll apply postures, breathing, and meditation to help soothe the challenges of pregnancy. This class prepares expectant mothers for both delivery and postpartum recovery. Yoga has been shown to help alleviate many of the common complaints that occur during pregnancy such as: heartburn, swelling, back pain. This class brings a deep awareness and sense of joy at experiencing the natural changes that occur during the journey of pregnancy. Level1.

Sunrise Flow: Align with the rhythms of nature as you rise with the sun for yoga. This flow class will sync movement with breath. It’ll energize your body and mind to prepare for a productive and inspiring day. Level 2.

Toddler +1: Partner with your toddler in simple animated poses, games, art, music and breathing exercises that help to strengthen coordination and build body awareness. We'll bark in downward dog, hiss in cobra pose and flutter our wings in butterfly, while we take a yoga journey that your child will never forget! This fun class provides key bonding methods between parent and child, while strengthening their growing muscles, and helping your own aches and pains. Level 1.

Vinyasa: Commonly called a "flow" class. Here, you'll learn how to sync your breath and movement. Teachers will mindfully guide you through a safe practice of positions and breath work. Various Levels (see schedule)

VinYin: a combination of both vinyasa and yin, so you can have the best of both worlds. This class is a mixture of flowing movement guided by the breath coupled with deep stretch. During flows you can expect to create heat which is then followed by relaxing poses held for 3-5 minutes. Open Level.

Yin Yang Stretch: This is a deep stretch class with a bit of kundalini flare! Open level.


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